Gynecomastia Surgery and Incision Issues? (photo)

Hi Doctors; 150 lbs weight loss. I am considering having a Gynecomastia very soon. I went to the doctor and he said that he would have incision underneeth the chest to remove the skin. I am writing you here to ask about another perspective if i could avoid the scar underneeth the chest.

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Unfortunately, your excess skin makes it necessary for more extensive scarring. You can definitely get second opinions, but most likely you will have some visible scarring that will fade with time. 

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Incision and Scar for Gynecomastia Surgery

Although there are many incisions for removal of male breasts (Gynecomastia), when there has been a significant weight loss and there is significant excess skin, the only way to make the area cosmetic is with a large skin excision. This is done in such a way to hide the resultant scar as well as possible. Trust your surgeon if he/she has had significant experience in dealing with this problem, or seek another opinion.


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Skin removal and gynecomastia

Because you have a lot of loose skin, it makes sense that some of the skin will need to be removed.

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Because your issue is excess skin you need to have the excess skin removed. With skin removal you will have scars. They will fade but will be permanent. Compromises on skin removal will significantly compromise the contour results.

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Gynecomastia Surgery and Incision Issues?

The photos demonstrate as Dr Jaibaji states the need for partial skin excision in your case. Best to be examined in person by a boarded  PS in your area. 

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Treatment of gynecomastia

Thank you for your question and the photos.You have type 2 gynecomastia where you have moderate breast enlargement and some skin redundancy. In these case some form of skin excision is required. There are different techniques  on how to excise the skin.  When ever you have skin excision you will have a scar. Talk to you plastic surgeon about the different excision option.Liposuction alone may result in more skin redundancy. Good luck.

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