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Should Certain Gym Exercises Be Restricted After Rhinoplasty?

This week marks two weeks since my revision rhinoplasty and my doctor says I can start lifting weights again. I know it is always recommended to keep your head above your heart after a rhinoplasty. Does that mean that for the next few months I should be avoiding exercises where I am not on an incline? For instance, should I avoid exercises such as flat bench press and bent-over rows?

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Strenuous exercise after Rhinoplasty


I had performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and I restrict the activity (no strenuous activity) for 1 month following all Rhinoplasty surgery.  You should however, follow the instructions of your Rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Exercise after rhinoplasty


I restrict heavy exercise for about two weeks. After that most of my patients resume there program except for contact sports. Six weeks in is my number for contact sports.

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Resumption of activities following a revision rhinoplasty


There is no specific, absolutely correct time to resume specific activities after a rhinoplasty and that is why there is variance in recommendations among plastic surgeons. Additionally, patients will respond differently to similar activities,etc. For my patients, I usually recommend waiting around 3 weeks following a rhinoplasty to engage in vigorous activities. For relatively strenuous bench pressing and similar activities, I would add another week to this though it doesn't guarantee that you won't have a nose bleed.

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Proper Post-op Activity for Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is one of my favorite operations.  The nose sits in the middle of the face, and a one-millimeter change can make the difference between a good result and a great result.  Depending on the approach and the extent of the dissection, I would recommend that you avoid vigorous exercise for at least four weeks.  This is because when you raise your heart rate, you then raise your blood pressure, and if you raise your blood pressure in a fresh surgical state. you can hemorrhage.  

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3 wks


I typically request my patients avoid strenuous exercise for three weeks and contact sports for two to three months depending on whether osteotomies were performed

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2 weeks for normal activity


weight lifting, especially heavy weights, can create a very strong Valsalva ( forced expiration without opening the nose or mouth) which elevates the venous pressure and can lead to swelling or even a nose bleed. I would recommend 4-6 eweeks, for anything other than stetching or fast walking

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Post-rhinoplasty exercise


I usually  have my patients limit exertional activities for 4-6 weeks toavoid any risk of bleeding .  You should make sure with your doctor.

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Exercise after rhinoplasty - nose job


It is important not to strain or overexert yourself after your rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery.  It typically takes 2-3 weeks for all the inside lining of the nose to heal and avoid a bad nose bleed after surgery.  You should be fine at this stage for getting back to physical activity.  I would limit contact sports for another 4-6 weeks.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty


Keeping you head elevated after rhinoplasty is the most important during the initial 2 weeks. This is to reduce swelling and improve healing. After 2 weeks you should be fine to perform exercises in any position. If you notice sone increased swelling or discomfort you may want to reduce your exercise frequency or intensity.

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Exercise restrictions after revision rhinoplasty.


Whether revision or primary, your nose has not fully healed yet, and can still bleed if bumped, or if your blood pressure exceeds the healing strength of injured capillaries.

I ask my rhinoplasty patients to avoid nose-blowing for three weeks after surgery, and to avoid anything that elevates the pulse or blood pressure for the first two weeks. Exercise can start at two weeks, but should be gradual and conservative at first. I still advocate sleeping with the head higher than the heart for a full three weeks after surgery, since even a tiny bit of swelling or bleeding can cause unwanted scar tissue than can distort or adversely affect your results!

You've already had one revision--take it easy and go slow with the weight lifting (in any position!) for the next week or two. After that, there will still be swelling, firmness, and numbness, but you are at minimal to no risk for additional bleeding or scar formation above what already has developed. Best wishes!

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