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Normal To Have a Grid-like Dark Brown Lines Across my Forehead After IPL? How Long Will This Last?

I had my first IPl treatment yesterday for multiple hyperpigmented sunspots on my face. I did my research and selected an experienced dermatologist office. The results were as expected right after the procedure (mild pain during procedure, burning sensation for a few hours, and then darkening of the hyperpigmented areas with the coffee grind look). However- I also have a dark brown grid-like appearance on my forehead? Will this resolve? When and how can I speed this along?

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You will need additional treatments to get a uniform smooth result.

You will need additional treatments to get a uniform smooth result.  It is not always possible to get an even result after one treatment especially if you have a lot of pigment spots.  You would be able to have a second treatment within a few weeks and this will even out  the results.

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The grid pattern is typically the shape of the laser head.   This should subside as you heal from the IPL but I agree you should consider repeating your treatments to get even results.

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