Should I Get Braces (OR) and Implant?

I am 24 years old and I had a tooth from childhood that stuck around which means I had an extra tooth in the front top section. It recently came off and now I have a big whole in the tooth place, I can get an implant and put a crown or get braces and wait for the gap to close. Which choice should i go with? One orthodontist said that the gap will close but will open few years later again and others say it wont. I don't know what to do and it looks very ugly like this. Please help. Thanks

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Braces or implant

In the situation when anterior teeth need comprehensive treatment the consult with orthodontist and restorative dentist should be obtained to define the proper diagnosis, possible ways of treatment and best ways to achieve stable long-term results. 

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Should I get braces or an implant

I recommend the implant.  With the right restorative team it takes no time to put an implant in and at the same visit load the tooth into place.  We call that immediate loading and it works great for anterior teeth.  We just did this procedure on a 19 year old who has the same problem as you and  she loves it.  It looks perfect!  Dr. David Frey DDS

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Braces or implant

From the info that you have provided it sounds like you would be better off considering braces to close the space rather than placing an implant. 

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Ortho or implant

if it is an extra tooth, it probably has set off your midline and ( the center of your upper and lower jaw ) , and you'll be better off with ortho ( braces)and possible retainer afterwards.

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