Am I Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction, Hair Transplant, Etc.? (photo)

The front part of my forehead is high but I am not bothered by this view. However, my hairline on the sides of my head goes back too much, and the top of my forehead bulges out, making it unattractive when hair is pulled back. I wear bangs to cover it up, but for athletic reasons, when in wind, etc, I am interested in lowering my hairline or doing something like that so I can comfortably pull my hair completely back into a ponytail in public. Please let me know what you suggest I should do.

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Am I Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction, Hair Transplant, Etc.?

      If you have areas of hair loss limited to the areas depicted in the photos, I would go with hair transplantation alone.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Candidate for hairline improvement

I am presuming you are female and have always had this hair pattern.  Depending on your scalp laxity your situation can be improved by a combination of a forehead reduction and later hair transplants to have a full feminine hairline. Also to be considered would be a hairline lowering/ forehead reduction operation after scalp expansion. Hair transplants by themselves might also work. See a hair restoration specialist who has knowledge of all these modalities.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
Oakland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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