Am I Gonna Need to Have a Second Round? Fat Injections Seem To Have Absorbed. (photo)

I had a TT with a BBL, during the consult the doctor said he would inject the fat into the top of my butt because I had some butt but it was mostly at the bottom.He injected 1000cc its now 6 days post op and I notice that the bottom where it use to be full looks a little flat almost like its dented in, will this round out once the swelling goes down and the fat is situated?

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Too Early To Tell If Second Round Of Fat Injection Is Needed

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It's probably a bit too early to tell if you will need a "second round" of fat injected into the buttocks. While it varies quite a bit from person to person, a certain amount of fat is lost over time following fat injections. Typically only 50% of the fat injected survives over time.

While some persons need another fat injection in order to achieve the look they want, others do not.  I would advise a follow up visit with your doctor in 4-8 weeks and assess things then. It can take quite some time to see the final results - sometimes as long as 3 months to a year!

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