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Why does my eyebrow / brow bone area look unattractive and lumpy? (photo)

For the last year or so I've noticed the area just around / under my eyebrows seems to be getting more and more unattractive. Like there is a lumpy area just under each side that nothing really hides (no makeup, etc). I don't know whether it is fat or bone. It does not feel overly hard, but if it's fat, is this normal? Even when I raise my eyebrows (which then wrinkles my forehead terribly), these lumps / bone / fat are still here and they are ruining the appearance of my eyes! Help?

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"Lumpy brow bone"

This is probably your supra orbital ridge. Filler can be placed in the depressions or the lump can be shaved down. I frequently do this for transgender patients. 

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