Distorted Boob After Explant and Lift...what Can I Do? (photo)

Breast implant removal (500cc) with full anchor lift. I had my implants removed with a full lift, My left boob has this sucked in look. As if it is being pushed/pulled in. It looks square and distorted. I understand that i am still healing 21 days post op but is this permenant. What can i do to help it settle into a boob like shape?

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Distorted Boob After Explant and Lift...what Can I Do?

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Although not perfect, it already looks a lot better than before surgery. At three weeks this may be a temporary contracture of the vertical scar. Breast massage may help--but check on this with your surgeon before starting. This may well resolve, but otherwise a minor revision can be done.

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Distortion of breasts after implant removal and lift.

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IMO, you are looking pretty good for just being three weeks post op and for how ginormous your implants and areolas were.  It looks like you had a vertical type lift and these can take a few months to settle.  Give it some time and if after 6 months or so, you are not happy, see if your surgeon can do a revision.  In the meantime, enjoy your current result, get some nice pretty bras (no more industrial strength bras needed) and have your surgeon take a look in another few months. 

Lisa L. Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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21 days post implant removal and lift

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At this point, you have to let things heal and settle. If the shape is not adequate, a revision may be necessary. 

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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