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I Had Gastric Bypass Just 6 Yrs Ago I Had a Hysterectomy Weight is Back is Lap Band an Option?

I Had Gastric Bypass Just 6 Yrs Ago  I Had a Hysterectomy Weight is Back is Lap Band an Option?

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Lap-Band After Gastric Bypass

Lap-Band surgery is possible in patients who have not had success with Gastric Bypass. This is called revision procedure.


The goal is to induce a sense of satiety with smaller portions and thus control portion size. The procedure can be more complicated to perform, especially if the original gastric bypass was done as an "open" procedure with a long incision.


The results reported in the literature by experienced Lap-Band surgeons show that revision surgery is successful in a high proportion of patients. Patients should realize that any malabsorption problems that have developed as a result of the original gastric bypass are not altered by the Lap-Band procedure. Revision surgery should be performed by experience Lap-Band surgeons.

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