Do my Boobs Look Odd Post-op? (photo)

I've had my boobs done for 5 months now I ended up going with 400CC saline under the muscle high profile. They have been measured and said that they are 34DD I was a full B b4 surgery. They just seem like they're too far apart then most of the pictures I've seen of others. They mostly bother me when I'm laying down the gap seems so big. When I'm standing up there is still a decent gap. I guess I just expected them to be closer together they also don't look like double DD's to me what gives?

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You have a good high profile implant breast augmentation result.

Thank you for your question. Placing breast implants beneath the muscle can cause wider cleavage because the thickness and location of the muscle determines how far the implants can be put towards the center of your breast bone.

High profile implants can also be narrower and thus less close together.

From your photographs I believe you have a good result.

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Cleavage cannot be created

Cleavage cannot be created. It represents the attachment of the pec muscle to the breast bone. If that is violated you breasts will look like a tube top and the correction is not only very expensive but difficult. The implants fall in a posiiton that is the configuration of your individual  chest wall. That is part of the reason that it is nearly impossible to place someone elses breast configuration on you.

Result using high profile implants

You have the result that would be expected using a high profile implant.  I believe in your case it accentuates the gap between your breasts because they tend to be very round.  This gives more of a implant appearance, high and round with a upper shelf like appearance.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Do my Boobs Look Odd Post-op?

      A preoperative picture would help, but the result is a nice result.  You have laterally displaced areolae and a wide space.  If the implants were brought closer to midline you could risk symmastia.  In addition, the areolae would appear even more lateral.  I think that the right compromises were made in your situation, and I would not alter the result.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

They look like HP Saline

HP saline have a distinct look, and given that your nipples are widely space this is a very nice result for a combination of those two.

Evan Feldman, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon
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Odd results after augmentation

The implant must be centered within the breast envelope on the nipple, and any wide spacing on your chest will be reflected in your result. You do not look odd. Part of the cause of the 'canyon' effect is the high profile implant which sits up high and rather round on your chest, less 'flow' as with natural breast tissue. If the look is not for you consider a lower profile implant in the future.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Look of breasts after surgery

I always tell my patients that all a breast augmentation can do is make the breasts your have larger.  If your breasts are far apart to start with they will be far apart afterward.  The results you show look normal, but I would have to see the befores to really answer your question.

Do my Boobs Look Odd Post-op?

No, the breasts do not look odd. They are widely spaced, and that is a natural variant. The implants inf anything are a bit more centered than the nipples and areolas, so it looks like your surgeon did a nice job of avoiding making these look as far apart as they actually are. Pre-op photos would be helpful for you to look at .

All the best. 

Too far apart?

Hello ChelseaDawn. Thanks for posting your question and photos. Your result is indeed very nice and natural. You have a natural gap between your breasts that seems to get farther as you lay down. All of this is normal. Importantly, your breast implants are in an appropriate location under the nipple and areola. Congrats on a nice result. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Your breasts do not look odd

Based on your photos, you appear to have a nice result. Your surgeon has placed your implants in pockets relative to your pre-existing nipple position which appears a bit wide. The overall shape and appearance of your breasts look "normal," not odd.

With regard to bras, cup sizes will vary among the different manufacturers. You may find that your cup size ranges from a D to DDD depending on the brand. Thank you for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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