Can I Go from a 360cc to 120 Cc? I Have Had 12 Breast Surgeries All With Complications.

I have had 12 breast surgeries Original lumpectomy and subsequent ruptured silicon, capsules and other problems. I currently have 360cc Gummy bears and want to go smaller I am 5'3 and 110 pounds. How small can I go and I also have the new matrix to prevent capsules. Can I go smaller ? I am so frustrated!!! I also have auto immune problems, vitaligo, crohns, raynauds.

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Going smaller...

As has been said by my colleagues, I'd also suggest removing the implants, and not replacing them with another implant.  It's time to switch to plan B!  Fat transfer would be an excellent option.

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Multiple Complications with Breast Implants?

I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experience with breast implants;  I wonder if you will be better off without implants altogether. You may want to visit with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons who have extensive experience with fat grafting (I don't). Make sure you educate yourself well about the potential complications associated with this procedure as well.

Best wishes.

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Simultaneous Implant Exchange With Fat- the Solution

Implants can come out,  fat can be placed in the subcutaneous

space.  This is called SIEF- Simultaneous Implant Exchange With Fat.


We have described this technique and have performed it in

patients who want their implants out.  We have had 100 percent success with this technique

with no further revisions.


See the attached video


Dr Del Vecchio


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If you have fat,fat grafting would be another option

You can try smaller implants and if continue to have problems,fat grafting can be another option 

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Implant replacement with fat transfer

Lipotransfer may be a better choice for you than implants considering your complicated history. I would suggest a consultation with a local expert on fat transfer

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