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Can You Go from Permanent Dentures, to the Real Looking Crowns?

thinking i was getting implants turns out it is a Denture nothing but problem with it braking i had a set of removeable dentures clipped to my implants. then went with The permanent implants that screw to dentures,the removeable ones felt better and i didnt have a bit problem why is that? and both seem to always break. and what is the cost in materials to make the dentures.i think if im having problem 2weeks after i get it, i think they are using cheap material ..

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Types of materials used with permanent teeth on implants.

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After implant surgery we often place a temporary set of teeth that is made of essentially plastic.  This set is the healing set and is meant to break if forces are too large.  It's the same material as a denture and as such breaks if the bite is not balanced or too much pressure is placed on the teeth while everything is healing.  The second set of teeth once the implants healed is made of metal wrapped with plastic.  This set is stronger but the plastic teeth can still chip.  Another material used in a few clinics , as well as ours, is full contour ceramic. This material when used in the right environment is nearly indestructible.  You need to talk to the clinic to get the best results.  Hope this helps.  

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