What Frequency/settings Should the Q Switch Laser Be at to Remove Nevus Of Ota Around Eye? (photo)

I have been treated few times on my right eye which i have blueish skin color on top eyelid and black spots right under my lower eye lid. i have been treated 4 times and haven't noticed any difference. Today i got i bealive a 750 laser which the power was set at 7. Is there something else i need to do to see improvement after the treatment? use vaseline, drink water, stay out the sun. etc..?? PLEASE HELP. i can't go in public without having someone stare at me and ask questions..

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Laser for Nevus of Ota birthmark

It sounds like you were treated wtih Q-switched alexandrite laser (755 nm).  You might want to try Q-switched Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser which penetrates deeper.  Q-switched lasers usually work well for Nevus of Ota, but numerous sessions may be required for best results.  I would definitely use internal eyeshields to protect the eyes for any laser treatment done in close proximity to the eyes.

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