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Sensitive Skin Risk Adverse Fraxel Repair Effects?

Fifteen years ago, I had used Accutane for acne and had a TCA peel for acne scars. The TCA peel was very painful me but I had very nice results. However, I have always had very sensitive skin since then. I can't even use the weakest Retin-A/Renova cream and I have Rosacea too. I am scheduled for Fraxel Repair in 2 weeks and after seeing some negative posts, I'm wondering if I am not a good candidate. My doctor said this will help my Rosacea, too.

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Fraxel re:pair and rosacea flare up


Most rosacea sufferers have more sensitive skin. This can become aggrevated by peels, microdermabrasion and many forms of laser therapy. Even if you have a flare up with your rosacea post Fraxel, it will be temporary and easily manageable with other treatments such as photo facials and IPL treatments. In my practice, I offer both Fraxel re:pair and Fraxel re:store as each patient has their unique needs. You may want to try a fraxel restore treatment first to see how you respond to a less intensive laser treatment. A series of fraxel re:store treatments can come pretty close to the results with one re:pair with less irritation of rosacea. Goodluck

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fraxel Repair and Rosacea


I believe you are at risk for greater sensitivity of your skin if you undergo Fraxel Repair. Some patients with rosacea can tolerate laser resurfacing procedures, but many cannot. IPL/Fotofacial may be a consideration in your case as it can decrease the redness, blood vessels and flushing response in patients with rosacea.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist
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