4 Months After Being Operated on for Asymmetrical Breasts? (photo)

I was operated on in May, my breasts were very assymetrical. The Dr put in 200 cc round mentor implant in the small breast over the muscle and lifted the other one. 1. Can we put the implant under the muscIe so it doesn't feel so low. The doctor here says it won't look natural if its under the muscle. 2 Does internal suturing last Thank you

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Asymmetrical Breasts


I agree with the other physicians regarding this issue. I personally would have approached this differently.  There are several options, but that procedure would be based on what you wanted in terms of size and shape in addition to symmetry.


It's difficult to say from these photos alone, but it appears that your right inframammary fold was significantly lowered in an effort to center your right implant without a lift.  Your left mastopexy was inadequate, but more importantly, it looks like you now have significant asymmetry in fold position.  Your next procedure needs to address this issue.

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Breast Asymmetry


You do have a very difficult case.  Another opinion is warranted.  There are several options but in your case the best advice would be after examination and consultation. Based on your preoperative picture the implant certainly should be placed under the muscle and a small augmentation/lift would be required.


Dr. ES

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Asymmetry 4 months post op


You need to see another surgeon. Based upon your pre op photos I would  have done a different surgery all together.  You are a tough case but  you should have a better result.

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4 Months After Being Operated on for Asymmetrical Breasts?


Sorry for the issues. Was your surgeon a boarded PS? Best to seek in person second opinions from ONLY boarded PSs. I would redo lifting with fat grafts & change implant to sub muscular placement. 

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Asymmetrical breasts before and after


Your initial asymmetry presented a difficult problem. At this point you still have some asymmetry and I feel improvements are possible. It would likely require an additional lift and a small implant on the left. Also you would potentially benefit from a revision on the right side to raise the fold under your breast closer to the height of the left fold and maybe an implant exchange if you do end up with an implant on the left.

Implants can look quite natural under the muscle, and that is the most common location I place them.

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Best Option for Revisionary Breast Surgery?


Sorry to hear/see the less than ideal result you have achieved after breast surgery. However, you should have peace of mind that significant improvement is possible with additional surgery

In my opinion, you will benefit from the use of a breast implant and additional lifting on your left side.  On the right side, I would suggest correction of the breast implant displacement using internal sutures (capsulorraphy).  if possible, I would suggest that both  breast implants be placed in the sub muscular (dual plan) position. 

 Before undergoing any further surgery, do your due diligence and select a plastic surgeon that can demonstrate significant experience helping patients with relatively complicated breast surgery.

 Best wishes.

Web reference: http://www.poustiplasticsurgery.com/Procedures/procedure_revisionarybreastsurgery.htm

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Assymetrical breasts


Thank you for the pictures.  I think that an implant under the muscle actually gives a more natural look because you have more tissue covering the implant.  For symmetry purposes, you also need a small submuscular implant placed on the left with a full mastopexy/lift.  This will help achieve symmetry between the shape of the breast and the nipple position.  I hope this helps you.

Kindest regards,

Neil J. Zemmel

Web reference: https://www.richmondplasticsurgery.com

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Marked asymmetry AFTER a procedure to correct it


You can achieve a much better result.  Ideally your surgeon should work with you as I personally would not want the world to know that was a reflection of my work.  If you have no confidence in him/her or if she/he is being difficult, then by all means, seek a second opinion.  You have many issues that need to be addressed.  Good luck!

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Breast asymmetry


Your implant has "bottomed out" and your lift was inadequate (looks like only donut-type). I agree that you probably should think about seeing another PS. Good luck.

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Breast asymmetry , breast hypoplasia , and breast ptosis


Hello, the left side is still very droopy. This wont change to the better with time. You would probably benefit from a small implant and lift on the left side. Probably the size on the right should be adjusted then as well to match. Under the muscle placement gives usually a very nice result and carries a lower risk of capsular contracture.

you probably should consider a second opinion


best of luck

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