Forgot to Remove a Dissolvable Stitch After Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift just over 3 weeks ago. Today I went to see my doctor for my last check up. I only just noticed that he forgot to take out a stitch on the bottom of the vertical incision. I am 99% sure that he used dissolvable stitches, so is it safe to leave that one stitch sticking out? Will it dissolve inside my breast and will the outside bit just fall off or should I go back to have it removed?

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Suture Remains after Breast Lifting?

It will be best for you to call your plastic surgeon's office and see how he wishes to handle your specific situation.  Remember that he is ultimately responsible for  the results of your surgery;  you may receive conflicting/confusing advice online.

Best wishes.

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Dissolvable Stitch After Breast Lift

Once noticed most patients find these to be such a nuisance that it would best be removed. Thanks and best wishes.

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If the itch is clear and it’s not bothering you leave it alone. Usually they dissolve in 3-6 months. If it’s bothering you cut it without pulling on it too much.



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Absorbable stitches after breas lift

As the name implies dissolvable stitches will reabsorb spontaneously.  The problem with some of these dissolvable stitches is that they can take up to 5 months to disappear completely.  Breast lifting by definition involves long incisions which require multiple stitches to close.  It is very common for some of these stitches to stick out and become bothersome.  I routinely snip these stitches at the skin surface and allow the remainder of the stitch to remain.  I am sure your surgeon will do the same and reassure you that this is a temporary inconvenience but not a serious problem.



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Stitches after breast lift

My recommendation is to trim it or remove it.  In order for your body to dissolve a stitch, inflammation is required.  The more inflammation, the longer it takes your scar to look good.  If it is a lot of trouble to go back, don't worry, it will likely fall off without consequence.

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Should I Remove A Stitch Sticking Out In My Breast Lift?

I am certain that your plastic surgeon wants to hear about your stitch.  Each plastic surgeon has his or her own policy on sutures.  He or she may not have forgotten this suture, but actually plans to see you at least one more time. 

In our practice as in others, we continue to treat post breast lift patients until the suture line looks as good as it can for the patient's genetics.  I use a very special brand of tape on the suture line and see patients back every couple weeks to folllow wound healing until the wounds are no longer red. 

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Breast Lift

 I am sure your Plastic Surgeon would want to continue post operative follow-up.  We follow up with our patients until the scars have completely matured.  In some patients, this can take months.  Call his or her office and schedule another follow-up appt. 

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