What Can I Do for my Daughter to Best Prevent Her Face from Scarring? (photo)

21 month old daughter fell 5 days ago and split her right eyebrow open. Had 2 internal stitches and 6 external stitches. The cut was to the bone. I'm VERY worried about her having a scar in the future and want to do as much as I possibly can now, to minimize scarring later. I have both mederma + sunscreen and the scarguard product. Can I use either product or both for her? The doctors have just told us to use mederma and sunscreen, but is that enough? Any other products? When can I start using?

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Healing scars in children. Eyebrow scar treatment

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Steri strips in the early phase, followed by judicious pulsed dye laser will help this scar heal to full potential.

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Scar in 5 year old

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This scar is relatively fresh. Scars take one year to fade and mature. I dont think mederma has any medicinal vluue. Avoid sun exposure and allow time to fade the scar.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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We recommend a product for recent scars called Kitoscell. Use it once a day for at least 6 months, luckily, children are also fast healers and the scar doesn't look too wide as it is.

Alejandro Enriquez de Rivera, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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