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Can I Go for Liposuction of Thighs and Buttocks if Not Abdominoplasty Along with C Section?

Abdonomoplasty was done when I was 2 month preg. Came to knw when i was 4 months Preg. I decided to continue. Dispite of controlled diet I gained weight in 7 & 8 month. Becoz I was on bed rest dint wanted premature baby. I'm 36 week nw n going to be operated in 2 days.I ve gained weight on thighs and hips. It looks as if I'm having 4 hips. Can I try liposuction if not minni abdonomoplasty.

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C-Section surgery combined with cosmetic surgery?


Thank you for your question.

I do not recommend to patients to perform any type of elective cosmetic surgery at the same time as a c-section surgery.  You need to be able to take care of your newborn afterwards and adding on surgery may make this more difficult.

Also, the best results for cosmetic surgery as gotten when the patient is at their lowest / stable weight. 

Take care of your baby and yourself.  Do your best to reach a good, stable weight and then visit board certified plastic surgeons to discuss what procedure would be best for you.


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Liposuction with a C-Section


While it certainly tempting to thin about having a cosmetic procedure during a c-section, there are numerous reasons for not doing so.  The most important is your baby which needs you to recover from your c-section as quickly as possible to give it the care and love it needs.  Any extra procedures may prolong your recovery and also carry the possibilities of complications that can range from minor delays to life-threatening issues.  The fact that you have been on bed rest also increases the risks of complications.    Best of luck with your new baby.  May she/he be both healthy and happy.

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