What is Better for Home Hair Removal Device, IPl or Laser?

Given that Tria is the only home laser treatment. IPL home devices include Silkn', revington, philips lumea .. and many more. So, what is more effective, with less downsides, the Tria laser, or the other IPL home devices?

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Home Hair Removal Devices


There are several medical lasers including Alexandrite, diode and ND: Yag that are FDA approved with much medical data and many successfully treated patients to support their use.  IPL is a fantastic device but less effective for hair removal than the other devices that I just mentioned.  Devices sold for home use are not regulated or studied like the medical devices such as lasers.  In addition, they are unlikely to produce enough power to destroy the hair follicles and actually may stimulate hair growth. Be careful...

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Devices for home hair removal


In recent years, a number of devices have been developed to seek to provide patients with the ability to achieve hair removal at home. As their sales are not controlled by the FDA, the evidence behind these devices is limited to small, uncontrolled studies. The risk of eye injuries with improper use is also a real concern. So the answer is none of them are better for home hair removal.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Home laser hair removal

Beauty products do not require an FDA clearance like medical products do. Therefore, beauty products may make claims about efficacy that are not regulated.
The fact is, the only lasers that will work for hair removal are medical devices. IPL. even a medical IPL, not a home IPL will not be effective for laser hair removal.
The lasers that have been evlauated as safest and most effective innpeer reviewed medical journals are the Alexandrite laser for light to medoum skin and the long pulsed nd yag for dark skin. Experienced and busy laser centers will have both of these lasers available. Complimentary tests spots can also be part of a consultation.
Do not waste your time or money with a home hair removal laser system. 

Michael Law, MD
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