Best for an Extreme Makover to Be Performed by One Surgeon or Diffrent Ones Specilising in the Different Fields?

Is it best for an extreme makeover to be done by one surgeon or diffrent surgeons specizlising in the diffrent procedures? Because obsvisly every things got to look right together, i was thinking of getting a hair transplant or harline lowering,rhinoplasty,lip reduction, eye lid surogry for dopey eyes, brow bone reduction, and maybe some jaw enchancment either jaw inplants,cheek inplants or chin inplant.

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The extreme make over that might make good TV but is not so good for the real world.


First we live is a subspecialty world.  If you want to believe that every thing can be done by a single surgeon, please do not let my opinion dissuade you.  Ask yourself if you think that your surgeons work will be as good in the 7th hour of surgery as it was in the first hour of surgery.  Finally, by combining all this work into a single procedure, you convert elective cosmetic surgery into a life threatening event.  American is a great place, someone will go down that road with you.  I don't recommend it.

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Extreme makeover to be performed by one surgeon or multiple


It is best to have all of these procedure performed by different surgeons since a rhinoplasty specialist does not necessarily specialize in hair transplantation.  It is too much to have all these procedures preformed at one given time.  It will take 2-3 separate surgery appointments to complete this amount.

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