Do I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Buttlift? 25% Body Fat

im 5'3 about 145 and last time a checked i had about 25% body fat mostly in my mid section. i was wondering if that was a significant amount for a brazilian butt lift. not to mention i have no rear at ALL! im also looking for a full round look not full still flat look.

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Brazilian butt lift and do I have enough fat

Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. I think one thing that's overlooked is that the liposuction plays a major role in making the buttocks better. If you make a nice narrow waist the hips look better. Even patients who don't have a fat injection the buttocks looks better after liposuction. The other thing that is overlooked is that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure it's a rob Peter to pay Paul type of procedure. When you liposuction the abdomen, back and flank you taken away a significant storage area fat and now when the calories come in your body they have to go someplace else. That place is usually the buttocks so even if you don't do a fat injection the products will get a little bit bigger. The other thing that proves this is tummy tucks. After a tummy tuck a lot of my patient's buttocks get a little bigger.

I've done the liposuction and fat injection on thin people and I've always been able to take someone who is not curve and make them curvy and improved the projection of the buttocks. Remember a small patient will have a smaller waist within a larger patient. And to make curves and make an attractive buttocks all you have to do is make the waist smaller than the buttocks. Liposuction and fat injection works on inpatients.

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Evaluating you for Brazilian Butt Lift requires an Exam

Hi there-

If I've learned anything from the great many Brazilian Butt Augmentations I have now completed, it is that the examination is critical to understanding each individual patient's candidacy for the procedure. Photos are not enough, because they don't tell me anything about your underlying anatomy.

Your best bet is to find an experienced BBL surgeon whose outcomes you admire, and visit for a consultation.

Enough fat for a brazilian buttock lift

This is difficult to answer without seeing a photo or examining you in person, but based on your height and weight you likely would have enough fat to have a nice result with a fat transfer to the buttock. The fat is primarily taken from the abdomen, back and sometimes thighs. You will not only have a larger, fuller buttock, but your entire torso, lower back and waist will be much more shapely with this procedure. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if  you are a good candidate.

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