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Flat Spot Above my Nipple After Getiing a Benelli Lift, Will This Go Away?

UPDATE- I am only a week out and the area is just off centered from the top of my breast. I am wondering if it will possibly round out or is it going to stay flat? If it stays flat what will I need to do to make it round like my other breast? The sides of my breast is rounded and a bit puffy I am assumeing it because of the swelling so I am hoping that once that goes away it will all round out and look normal.I am stillvery bruised and swollen.

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Benelli lift scar

This is a question that cannot be answered without without more history (for example time out of surgery) and pictures. It behooves you to see your surgeon for direct examination since he/she knows the exact procedure done and is in the best position to advise you. Otherwise, advice you get online is just speculation. Best wishes.

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Benelli lift flat spots can be corrected!

Resolving flat spots around the areola after a Benelli lift is a bit of a technical challenge but this issue can be corrected.  Unfortunately flattening the breast gland around the areola is a common problem with the so called "Benelli" lift.  The flat areas are the product of an incomplete release of the breast tissue, and a "conservative" (but incomplete) application of the Benelli technique leading to a tight band around the areola that "pushes down" on the breast tissue.

This problem can be corrected by  a more complete "pushing up" instead of "pushing down" of the areola and the surrounding tissues.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon
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