How can I fix my half crooked upper lip? (photo)

Half my upper lip is a little lowered n crooked. It makes my smile crooked. In pictures and everything you can notice my lip is lowered/crooked. It also makes my mustache crooked since my lip is lowered

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Assymetrically lips could be either driven by teeth or the lips themselves

The lips may either be slightly asymmetrical or it could be uneven teeth/bone underneath the lips that are preventing the lips from falling evenly. It is difficult to fully evaluate the situation without seeing a full view of the teeth and gums underneath the lip. If the teeth and gums are perfectly aligned in the arch of your jaw then it is a lip asymmetry. However, if there are teeth or gums that are bumped out, this may be the source of the lips falling asymmetrically. Schedule a consult with an aesthetic dentist with a good reputation for smile aesthetics in your area and there should be some solutions to improve the symmetry of the lower third of your face.

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