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What Exactly Can I Do to Fix my Chin, I Am Unhappy with the Way It Affects my Profile? (photo)

I have not done anything to my chin before, I was born with it; however I am dissatisfied with the way it looks. I recently found that is might be a deep labiomental groove problem. I looked into it and it said something about implants being a more permanent way to solve the problem, but I refuse to have any implants; I consider them unnatural. Sometimes i pinch where the crease is, and it looks normal. I basically want to know is there ANY surgery or facial exercise that can fix my deep chin?

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Deep labiomental groove


The groove is best treated by filling it in  There are no exercises that will help.  The groove can be filled in with fillers (Radiesse is a good choice) or by an modified chin implant.  Subtle "defatting" of the inferior chin would be helpful.

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