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Can You Fix Breast Sagging with Just a Implant ? If So Does the Implant Have to Be Large Considering I'm Already a D/DD?

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Breast implants alone will not correct severe sagging.


Implants will not lift the entire breast, or correct severely sagging breasts, they can improve the overall appearance of sagging. Patients who are self-conscious about breast sagging are encouraged to consider the cosmetic procedure breast lift.

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Will breast implants lift a sagging breast


I am afraid that a breast implant will not lift you, it might give an optical illusion of a lift for a short period of time, but once it settles in, the new breast and implant mound will be low on your ribcage. You might need to consider a breast lift, with or without an implant, but if you are a D, I think you likely have enough of your own tissue.

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Breast lift with or without augmentation


It is difficult to determine without a photo what your best option is, but if you're sagging or asymmetrical, and are looking for perkiness, as well as bigger breasts, implants may give you the answer. However, if you don’t want to be bigger, then a breast lift may be a better alternative. A breast lift raises droopy breasts from one to several inches and excess skin is removed. If you want to go bigger, and also be perkier, it may be possible to have implants placed to fill out the sagging skin. The great thing about these techniques is that they can now be done with minimal scarring and performed as outpatient procedures without the need for general anesthesia!

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Breast augmentation and sagging breasts


Breast augmentation aby themselves can sometimes lift breasts a small amount.  However, breast implants alone are not the best option to lift breasts.  If your breasts are already large, placing implants will only make the situation worse.  A formal breast lift (mastopexy) is usually needed to get the best result.

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Breast Lift with Breast Implant?


Only in certain cases can implants be used to give a slight lift to the breasts. In the majority of women who need lifts, using implants alone will give the breasts what we call a "Snoopy Deformity." The breast will look like Snoopy's head in profile. This is because the breast tissue will hang off the breast implant instead of being centered over the implant.

It is difficult to speak specifically about what procedure you need without examining you, but the fact that you are a D/DD and need a lift, I doubt using implants alone will give you the look you want. The primary job of breast implants is to increase breast size which doesn't seem to be an issue in your case.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Dr. Babak Dadvand

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Implants should not be used to correct large, saggy breasts.


Although a small degree of sagginess can be corrected with implants, large ptotic (saggy) breasts will need mastopexy (breast lift). Often times, patients are afraid of mastopexy scars and request augmentation when in fact they need lift. With large implants, breasts will soon saggier than before. You should answer if you want larger breasts or perkier breasts. Given your current size of D/DD, you will have attractive size and shape with breast lift.

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Breast Augmentation with DD breasts


Breast Augmentation surgery treats small breast size.  It is not meant to correct primary problems of shape.    

If you are already a double DD, you will definitely need a lift to correct your shape.   Depending on the size you want to be, a small implant may be considered in conjunction with the lift.   

In your case, an implant alone would only increase your breast cup size and stretch the skin more worsening your breast sagging, like a rock in a sock.

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Implants and sagging breasts

Implants can sometimes help with sagging breasts. If you have a small amount of sagging you can put an implant above the muscle and or place an anatomic / teardrop implant. In a large breast this really doesn't work. It's really not a good idea to chase a hanging breast by putting in a larger implant. Finallly an implant is never a replacement for a lift.
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Implants do not treat breast sagging

No. Breast implants alone will not correct sagging D/DD breasts. They may briefly create the illusion of a lift but shortly the added weight of the implant make the sagging even worse.
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Breast Implants Do Not Correct Sagginess, Breast Lifts Do


One of the very common misconceptions is that a breast implant can lift up a sagging breast. In general, this is not true. In smaller breasts with a little sag a breast implant will have a minor lifting effect. But in a much larger breast, it will only make it bigger and not change the sag in any satisfactory amount. The concept that is necessary, and it is a difficult one to accept for some patients because of the resultant scars, is that of a breast lift. The combination of a breast implant and lift may make it possible to limit some of the scarring that might otherwise be needed if an implant was not used.

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