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Doctor Recommendation for Facial Fat Graft in Colorado

Hello, Thanks in advance for the help. 46 year old man in Colorado, havng a hard time finding a truly experienced, forthright doc (in Colorado) who has lots of pictoral evidence of their work on male facial fat grafts. I have significant fat loss in my upper cheek and tear troughs, and moderate bags under the eyes. But I'm lean, and blepharoplasty has been discouraged. I can see why. How can I find a good doc, who's experience and artistry I can verify?

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Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer is not a single operation most of the time.  Fat transfer is a process of multiple procedures over your entire life.   Fat is a fairly fragile tissue.  When transfer procedures are done generally twice the anticipated volume is used because at best only half will remain, usualy less.   I have practiced for 30 years and have vast experience both in seeing my own patients with fat grafts and in seeing those of many other doctors.  There is no magic in this business of fat transfer.   I have seen patients go to those doctors who do the most fat transfer proedures with great expectations that may not be met.  I have seen a patient spend over $35,000 for a fat transfer breast augmentation and end up with zero gain.  So its is a tricky business.  Some of the fat graft indeed will take.  But this is a process qnd not a single procedure.  Plastic surgeons are getting better in fat grafting and we all know and follow the rules of DOING IT PERFECT ETC. is a process and not a single operating.  This is how it should be marketed to patients.   Then there would not be unrealistic expectations from a single procedure.  My Best, Dr Commons.

Choosing a Plastic surgeon

First you need to know that men constitute only 10 % of the market in cosmetic surgery. And fat grafting to the face is the same for a female or a male, you have to decide where and how much.

Choose your plastic surgeon by the following criteria


Good reputation


check with the BOARD OF PHYSICIAS if there is ny complaints

Talk with one or two of their patients

consult more than one and then choose

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Fat injections

You might try Dr. Patrick Lillis in Loveland, Co.  If he does not perform enough of these to make it worth your trip to see him, he might recommend someone for you.  Fat injections do take patience as not all fat lives and many times it has to be done a few times to build on the success of the last treatment.  Also, artistry, as you say, is important, as is a physician who will listen to your concerns and goals.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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