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How to Find Good Doctor to Inject Botox in West Virginia Area?

I'm leaning more towards Botox every day after spending hundreds on worthless creams. I don't know anyone who has had Botox and I live in a small community/area so I don't feel that docs are very experienced. I am willing to drive 3-5 hours to a large city (time depending on which city) but how can I know who's qualified w/ good track record?

I certainly don't want to pick from a phone book. Any advice regarding doctors and the procedure is greatly appreciated. I'm mostly concerned with smile lines and crows feet. Thanks!

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Botox in West Virginia


The botox cosmetic website will provide you a list of qualified injectors in your area. Dr. Daniel Wood and Dr. Mark Steinvurzel may be possibilities. Consult with 2 - 3 injectors in your area to find one that best meets your needs. 

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Great doc in West Virginia


I would recommend Dr. J Wesley Culpepper in Charleston, West Virginia. I trained with him. He is board certified in plastic surgery and will provide good costumer service.


Earl Stephenson, Jr., MD, DDS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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