Breast augmentation financing bad credit

I am considering Breast Augmentation, I am 34 A want to get 34 C. I have $1200 for down payment, but my credit is bad. Is Financing Available for Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas?

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Financing a breast augmentation.


Having difficulty with credit is quite common in this economy.

I do not practice in Las Vegas, but here in Maryland it has become increasingly difficult for our patients to finance through standard cosmetic surgery financing companies.  Many of my patients have access or belong to credit unions and interestingly I find that the credit unions sometimes will give far better rates than the average plastic surgery financing company.  This may be something you want to look into.

I would caution you that if you do finance with a plastic surgery financing company you should always be aware of what the final cost will be. These companies are in the business of making money and it's not uncommon for your surgery to cost twice as much with one of these cosmetic surgery financing groups.

Lastly, you may wish to start a separate account for maintenance.  Breast implants are generally not forever and atsome point require a replacement.  I think it's best to do have some money set aside for future maintenance as well.

Good luck.


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Care credit is an option for financing


There are several optiomns for finacing plastic surgery in Las Vegas.  At Hankins and Sohn Plastic Suergry Associates we work with many of the surgery finacing companies.  If you are still interested, please contact the office and we can help you with these options.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Beware of scams


In this environment of tightened credit, we see many patients with decent FICA scores being either turned down and/or getting less credit towards their surgery.  There are also programs that will entice you to come in offering that noone will be turned down, but when you read the fine line your interest rate is so high in some cases that you are better off saving your money instead of paying almost double for your surgery once you figure in interest.

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Breast Implants - Fianancing


Hi china0810 in Las Vegas,

Financing is variable, as are the costs of the procedures themselves.  You'll need to see a few plastic surgeons in your area to get an idea of what the costs will be, and then explore financing. 

As you probably know, the entire world of finance has contracted significantly in the last few years, and there are many fewer options for this, and other uses of money.  It's MUCH harder to finance procedures than it was 10 or even 5 years ago.  So whether or not you'll be able to is hard to say.

Good luck, though, and I hope this has helped.

Dr. E

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Financing Surgery


This option has become increasingly popular, but the options have become fewer as credit has tightened.

Consider waiting until you have the money saved, rather than going out on a limb for an elective cosmetic procedure. If you are financially stressed, you will rob yourself of the gratification you deserve from this important event in your life.

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Breast Augmentation Financing


If you have credit concerns, I would recommend that you wait to have cosmetic surgery. Going into debt for a cosmetic procedure is not something I would advise any patient to do.  Save your money until you can reach a point where you can pay for your procedure in cash.  In the end, you will not only be happy with your breasts, but you will feel great knowing that you were able to have your surgery debt free!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Financing for breast augmentation


Hi China0810 - Yes, financing is available but it may be difficult to get with bad credit. With the economy in its current state, creditors are hesitant to give money to people with poor credit scores. The amount you have saved up is a good start. So, keep on saving and if you pay in cash you may get a discount on your costs. Good luck!

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Financing for Breast Augmentation is possible


Many patients seek financing for their breast augmentations. Some plastic surgeons offer "in-house" financing, but more use a third party (for example, CareCredit which is owned by GE). If your credit rating is poor, you probably are going to have difficulty. You can go to the CareCredit website and find out in a matter of minutes if you qualify with them.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Financing is available in Las Vegas if you qualify



Financing is tighter now globally but if you call my office here in Las Vegas my staff can help you review your options. You can do this by calling 702-248-8989. The basic finance options are available at many practices.

Dr Edwards

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Financing a breast aug

It will likely be difficult to secure financing for this - check out CareCredit to see if you qualify. If you have $1200 saved up already, consider continuing to save until you can pay cash - then you can enjoy your new breasts without the stress of having to pay them off. Best of luck.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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