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Fillers on my nose bridge that left me with a bluish tint

I had Juvederm ,aquamid, perlane for my nose bridge over the years. I had a severe bruising on my nose bridge after my recent topup . This never happened before. The bluish eventually faded .But, I am left with a bluish line that runs down my nose bridge and a patch on the side . My doctor injected hyalase but the bluish tint remains. My doctor told me it could be the aquamid which was injected 3 yrs ago. It all start when I had my topup with Perlane in October 13. What can I do to resolve it ?

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Bluish tint

The tyndall effect will cause a bluish tint often from filler placed higher in the skin. My suggestion is to discuss this effect with your cosmetic surgeon.

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