Which Filler is Best for Volume Loss in Cheeks?

36 year old female that looks 27. I take very good care of my skin but have noticed a small amount of cheek sagging in the last year. I am also trying to lose 20lbs and im afraid that my cheeks will sag more. Will filler in my cheekbone area lift my cheeks a little or at least keep them where they are at now with maintenance. I'm confused on where to start. I want something long-lasting but non- surgical. I didn't send a picture because you can't see any sagging in the picture.

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Which Filler is Best for Volume Loss in Cheeks?


Sculptra is an ideal agent to put volume back into the cheeks and/or temples where the loss of collagen, fat and even bone occurs with the aging process.  It results in a long lasting, natural healthy appearance.

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