How To Get Rid Of Filler Injection In Cheek From 1 Year Ago?

I had a filler injection in my cheek more than one year ago , there is a small amount of filler in my cheek I can touch it like a small ball that made me so upset and I want to do something about it ,I am looking for an expert doctor to fix it ,please help me

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Get Rid of Filler Placed 1 Year Ago

If the filler was Juvederm or Restylane it can be dissolved with The injection of hyaluronidase. A long as the material was not permanent you can wait until it absorbs; otherwise, excision will be necessary.

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How To Get Rid Of Filler Injection In Cheek From 1 Year Ago?

 I perform quite a large number of facial shaping and augmentation using fillers to the cheeks, chin and jaw line and have experience removing fillers injected by MD's elsewhere.  You don't mention what the filler was.  Is it a temporary or permanent filler that was injected?  

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