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Fever Associated with Pain Along the Drain Tube After TT?

I had a tummy tuck done three weeks ago and one drain was left in. The fluid keeps building up and the drain doesn't seem to be eliminating any fluid. Now my tissue above the drain from my hip to the insertion point in my groin area aches. I have developed a fever of 99 F. Is te pain with this drain normal? It feels like the drain is suctioned to my skin and you can feel it under my skin. The whole area is now sore. I Still have a ton of fluid build up in groin an lower tummy.

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Fever after Tummy Tuck

People normally have a temperature of 99 to 100 degrees  after a tummy tuck for up to 10 days after the date of surgery. If your temperature is greater than that and your have drains in place then you are most likely experiencing an infection from the tummy tuck.

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Tummy tuck drain can be a two way street

One of the reasons we have eliminated drains in tummy tuck is that over time a drain becomes a two way street. Sure, the drainage goes out, though eventually the open site can allow infection to go in. Better get in to see your surgeon right away so things don't get any worse.

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Fever Associated with Pain Along the Drain Tube After TT?

I dont think this is the time to sit on net  and flot questions.You need to go to the surgeon who operated on you before its too late.

Wish you good luck.

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Fever after tummy tuck

At this point you should contact your surgeon right away. You may have an infection that needs to be treated.

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Drain problems

You need to contact your surgeon right away and be evaluated for a possible drain site infection. Drains do cause pain but usually only at the insertion site.

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