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Feeling of Great Tightness Nearly 4 Weeks After Surgery, How Long Until It Loosens?

Hi, I had upper eyelid surgery nearly 4 weeks ago. One eye, which didn't shut completely after surgery, shut two weeks after, but I still have a feeling of great tightness in that eye like someone is pulling my eye skin upwards towards my eyebrow and is making my eye feel very tired and is giving me headaches. The swelling in that eye is mainly only in the area between the eyelash and incision and the swelling improves towards the evening but the feeling of tightness never goes. Why is this?

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Tissues feeling tight after an eyelid surgery


Sensations of tight tissue after a surgery of the eyelid are very common. It takes time for the swelling to go away and also for the new collagen deposited to heal the wound to model and soften. In time it will get better, nit there is nothing abnormal with what you are feeling

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The tightness needs to be assessed.



Thightness after eyelid surgery should be presumed due to dry eye until proven otherwise.  Unless your surgeon was an ophthalmologist for a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon, they have no way of properly assessing the condition of you eye surfaces.  It is very likely that you are experiencing corneal drying and exposure as a result of the surgery.  This can be experienced as a tight, band like sensation.  This acute dryness after surgery often does improve.  However, there are many options for making you comfortable.  I recommend that you get assessed by your general ophthalmologist.  However, you will most likely get better care for this by seeing an oculoplastic surgeon or a cornea specialist.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Great tightness after upper eyelid surgery


We hope that the tighness will resolve. The key is choosing a surgeon, well trained and board certified. No telling what was done, and when it might get better.

Best of luck,

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