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Why Am I Feeling Edge in Fold

I had BA 8wks ago and I can feel w/o pressing in ripples in my left implant (375cc) 360-390 implant and I'm wondering if the pocket is messed up or has a hole in it and that's why? On the right side I can only feel it if I press in and it has 390cc. thanks.

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Implant palpability

Palpability of implants is multifactorial.  It can be due to thin tissues, pocket position, type of implants, to name a few.

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Palpable implants after breast augmentation

Rippling is possible after breast augmentation, especially with saline implants. Sometimes overfilling the implants reduces the likelihood of this occurring. If there was a hole in the implant it would gradually deflate over time as the saline leaked out and most likely there would be noticeable asymmetry between the two breasts.

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Palpable ripples in saline implants

Saline implants naturally tend to have less tendency for rippling if filled to the upper limits of their fill volumes. Therefore what you are feeling sounds reasonable.

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