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Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt, Which Survival Rate is Higher?

i heard that the survival rate for breasts is higher. is that true?

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Fat injections to breast or buttocks

fat injections to the breasts may require more fat inections than buttock fat injections. There may be considerable improvement with breast fat injections but the injections to buttocks may require multiple injections.

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Fat Transfer to Buttocks vs. Breasts. Is there a difference in the survival rate of the fat grafts?

Fat transfer depends on a number of technical factors and not on the location of the recipient site. Fat graft survival should be the same in the buttock or the breast under similar conditions. Some of these factors are as follows:

1. The collection and preparation techniques used to harvest the fat. Making sure that there is a very high percentage of fat cell viability. The syringe technique is best but is very time consuming. Using the Body Jet Harvesting System is second best and is very efficient.

2. The condition of the recipient site. For instance if the breast  or buttock has been previously operated upon, traumatized or irradiated, and there is scar tissue or other damage, then the site may be less likely to accept the fat transfer.

3. The surgical technique used is very important. Multiple tunnels with small cannulas depositing the fat in layers that are crisscrossed and built up. Depositing the fat in the appropriate plane such as the muscle or muscle fascia. These factors will assure graft survival.

Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt, Which Survival Rate is Higher?

The opinions will vary on this one-I have not seen any research on this question but I would guess the difference would be minimal.

Fat transfer to the breasts and buttocks should both have excellent results.

Fat injection to the buttocks and breasts should both have excellent results if performed by someone who is experienced on a patient who is a good candidate and who follows the postoperative instructions closely.  Poor technique by the surgeon can result in loss of the fat.  The wrong candidate can result in a suboptimal result.  Finally, a patient who does not follow their postoperative instructions closely can cause the fat to melt away also.  See a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs fat injections routinely.  He will let you know if you are a good candidate and what you will have to do after surgery to get the best result.  I perform fat injections on the face and body and both can have excellent results.  Not many surgeons are performing fat injection to the breasts for cosmetic augmentation yet as there is some controversy about the safety of this procedure.  I'm sure this will be resolved soon and fat injection for cosmetic breast augmentation will become more popular.  Good luck!

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