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Fat Transfer to Breast and Immunosupressed. Am I a Candidate?

I had breast cancer about 1 1/2 years ago. Had a lumpectomy and radiation. I am considering fat transfer breast surgery to correct asymmetry caused by the lumpectomy. I am also immunosuppressed from kidney and pancreas transplant about 14 years ago. Is the fat transfer surgery even an option for me or too risky?

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Fat Grafting as an Option


Thank you for the thoughtful question.  It does sound like fat grafting could play a role in helping reduce asymmetry after your breast cancer treatment.  The surgical plan may change depending on your exam and type of asymmetry.  Fortunately, fat grafting is a low risk surgery although there is always potential for infection and other complication.  Also, if you are taking steroids, there may be reason to believe that the fat may not survive as well as in someone who does not have that issue and reason to have diminished healing ability.  But, I think this certainly merits a consult.  And, it may be best to also get a blessing from the doc who manages your transplant immunosuppression before going forward. 

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