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Fat Grafts on Chin, Smile Lines, and Cheeks 5 Days Ago; Are Sore Lumps Normal?

My face looks great; minimal noticable swelling; no bruising. I saw the doc yesterday because I had a lump on my left cheek. He put me on antibiotics though he saw no signs of infection. Today, I noticed a sore lump above the right corner of my lip. You can't see it looking at my face, but if I touch my face it is very tender there and I can feel the lump. My face is not red in that area or any area. Is this tenderness on the lump normal since I only had the procedure 5 days ago?

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Painful Lump after facial fat grafting

From what you are describing, it maybe a tender deep bruise and swelling related to the fat grafting, especially if the overlying skin is normal-looking.

This is not quite "normal" but can happen after facial fat injections. Stay in close contact with your surgeon to ensure smooth recovery.

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Fat Grafts on Chin, Smile Lines, and Cheeks 5 Days Ago; Are Sore Lumps Normal?

     5 days following facial fat grafting there can be lumps, but I have only noticed swelling and, very occasionally, bruising.  A lump could be represent a little fat pocket or fluid.  Facial infection is very rare.  Your surgeon seems to be following you closely.  I would continue to be observant of the area.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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