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Fat Grafting to the Sub Brow, Are these Results Usually Good?

Hello. I am scheduled for fat grafting in 14 days and I am very afraid. The areas that have been identified to be treated are bilateral brow, cheeks, sub brow, marionette lines, and jawline. I am 41 years old now and have had sunken in eyes beginning in my late 20's. My doctor said I did not need any lifting. I am afraid of the work around the eyes, particularly the sub brow. I do not want my to look over filled or saggy. Are people typically happy with fat grafting to the sub brow area?

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Fat transfer to the sub brow


Fat transfer to this area is by far one of the greatest youth restorative procedures available.I have done it hundreds of times and symmetry and precision are very important

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Grafting to the Brow, Sub Brow, Temple,Cheeks and Jawline


Fat transfer also called Fat Grafting or lipoinjection is a wonderful procedure for hollowing or depressed areas caused by fat atrophy associated with the aging process and significant weight loss. It also works pretty well in the lips for augmentation. The specific areas in my experience with the best results include most but not all of the areas you mentioned. Specically fat transfer in my hands works best for temple, brow and immediate Sub Brow, cheeks, and jawline (especially the pre-jowl area) where there is hollowing from atrophy or asymmetry of the soft tissues.The marionette area, unless he is referring to the pre-jowl region just in front of the Marionette folds is not a typical  area for  injecting fat. My patients tend to be very happy with their results following fat transfer.

Probably most important factor of all is in fact  the skill and experience of the surgeon. Always check out his/her before and after photos and ask to see long term results and most of all that he is trained and a board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or board certified facial plastic surgeon. It is their role to see you through this complicated decision making process. If your surgeon fits the bill I would leave it in their hands and be open with your concerns about looking "over filled".


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