Do I Have Enough Fat to Acheive a Significant Increase in my Butt Size? (photo)

Hi all, I'm 5'3", 110lbs and interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift but I don't know if I have enough fat to get the projection I want (see pic). I'm willing to gain weight, so my question is: How many pounds would you suggest? I'd like a tinier waist, rounded hips (like Kim Kardashian)and no more pesky side dents (by the way, do these side dents have a name?). Thank you!

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Do I have enough?

This question is asked by almost every BBL patient your size.  You already have a great little figure but will a BBL give you a popped out butt like in the little black skirt?  Actually, you have a very favorable anatomy for this surgery.  The curves that will enhance your relationships (waist to hip, lumbar lordosis, overall gluteal shape) will make you a before and after case that many patients would request.  As far as if its what you have in mind or not, that's a slightly longer conversation to be had with your board certified plastic surgeon.  Best wishes


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Meaningful improvement in Buttock Shape requires more fat

Hi there-

Without examining you in person, it would be very difficult or impossible to say with confidence, but solely from the photos you posted, I would say that there is not enough fat present to achieve your goal.

Before you go on an eating binge to gain weight, however, I would suggest an in-person consultation with a surgeon skilled and experienced in the technique. Your bone structure and overall body shape, as well as your skin quality and the details of your goals all need to be taken into consideration... In other words, it is possible that after a proper exam, my opinion might change- and I would not want you to have gone to the trouble of gaining weight before we figure that out.

Your best bet is to visit with a surgeon who has a lot of experience and skill in this procedure for a formal consultation. 

Brazilian Butt Lift: am i a candidate?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a fantastic surgical procedure to maximize and create a perky, sensual and youthful buttock.  When performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, a patient can achieve extremely aesthetic results.  There are two major components to the procedure:

1. Liposculpture of the regions around the buttock will allow your plastic surgeon to harvest fat, but more importantly to accentuate and highlight the buttock. 

2. When taking fat from those areas, as well as the abdomen, and purifying the fat, serial micro-fatgraft injections to the buttock will increase volume and lift.  The key to successful fat survival is in the technique of preparing and injecting the fat. 

A detailed consultation with your plastic surgeon will help you to create the perfect surgical plan for a sensual perky butt.

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