Can I Have a Fascia Graft on Top of a Fascia Graft?

I had a bad nose job where the bridge was scooped out. I had a decent revision where a fascia graft was used to build it up, yet it is still a bit flat and undefined. Can I get a graft placed on top of the graft or does the first graft have to be removed for another to be placed. What are my options?

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Second revision rhinoplasty fascia graft

Yes. During a revision rhinoplasty surgery, your surgeon will be able to place another graft on top of your existing graft in order to improve the appearance of your nose.

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Can I have Fascia Graft Placed on Previous Fascia Graft?

A fascia graft is living tissue, therefore more fascia can be added or the fascia can be removed, combined with other tissue such as cartilage, and then replaced. Over the past 35 years I have used fascia as an isolated graft  or with diced cartilage depending on each patient's needs and the amount of augmentation that is necessary.  Long term results have been very satisfying. Silastic grafts have a higher risk of post-op infection, movement, and extrusion especially in unfortunate patients who have had multiple nasal procedures.

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Dorsal augmentation

Fascia is great as a soft tissue cover to camouflage and irregularities. To create dorsal augemntation usually a cartilage graft or the like is needed.

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Can I Have a Fascia Graft on Top of a Fascia Graft?

  Fascia is not, nor should it be considered a permanent nasal grafting material.  It is live tissue that once removed from the muscle which it covers, will surely absorb.  Consider a silastic dorsal graft for reliability and duration of effects.  Placement would require a Revision Rhinoplasty.

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