Am I Getting a Fair Quote for Vaser Lipo?

I had a consultation today for Vaser Liposelection. The doctor said I have great tight stomach muscles and they just happen to be under the layer of fat that I need to have removed. At any rate, I got a quote for my arms (minimal), back, saddle bags, inner/outer thighs, and upper and lower stomach. The quote is $8,000 plus that anesthsiologist costs around $1,000. My question is, am I getting a fair or high quote at $9,000 for all of this for a surgery in Chicago, IL?

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Liposuction prices

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Liposuction prices in New York are more expensive than the fee that you quoted. Remember sometimes you get what you pay for. Remember that any surgery you have will leave a permanent result whether good or bad. It may be worth the extra money if the doctor is top notch and usually gives a good result

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