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I Have a Facial Scar That Seems to Be Resistant to Treatment, Suggestions? (photo)

It runs near my "smile lines" and webs a bit when I smile. What I hate most about it though is that, in certain light, it seems to have depth to it. 15 years ago, I had a scar revision and it failed. Last year, a surgeon did a minimal revision on the top portion and I feel that it made the scar worse. I have also tried filler to plump up the scar and it works minimally. I am starting to get asymmetry b/c I am getting some marionette lines on only the unscarred side of my face. any suggestions?

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Unhappy with treated scar of face


Without having your initial photos as well as additional views of your situation now, it is difficult to provide you with definitive answers. Surgical excision and fillers are considerations in the treatment of scars. Realize also that scar revisions and ancillary treatments won't make your scar disappear entirely.

You should obtain one or more consultations with reputable board certified plastic surgeons in your area who may be able to provide you with definitive answers or general predictions on your scar.

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