Facial Feminization Surgery Cost

What does a doctor typically do for facial feminization surgery? What is the average cost of this surgery?

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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery requires addressing both the soft tissues components of the face as well as the bony facial skeleton in order to achieve a more balanced, feminine face.  Soft tissue feminization may include performing a facelift, forehead/brow lift, and lip augmentation with injectable fillers (e.g., Restylane, Juvederm, etc.).  Bony feminization entails manipulating the facial skeleton to achieve each patient's specific goals.  This may include frontal sinus contouring, rhinoplasty, use of cheek implants, and mandibular setback / chin reduction (genioplasty) surgery.  

Each patient is unique and each has her own preferences and expectations.  Therefore, each patient will require a different set of procedures, each of which has its own cost.  Packages are sometimes available, as they are in my practice,  in which several procedures are grouped to reduce the total cost if appropriate for a specific patient.   In general, manipulation of the facial skeleton is most effectively performed by a craniofacial surgeon, a plastic surgeon who has pursued additional fellowship training in the complex field of craniofacial surgery.  A craniofacial surgeon who also specializes in cosmetic surgery would be best-suited to provide the most accurate assessment in each patient's case and successfully achieve each patient's feminization goals.

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Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery for transgender can be divided into two categories:

1- Soft tissue feminization: It requires a facelift, fat grafting, and forehead lift, lip augmentation, as well as some neck and face lipo-sculpturing. This procedure can cost from 8 to 20 thousand dollars.

2- Bony tissue feminization: This requires extensive surgeries for reduction of prominent jaw and mid-face bones, and nasal reshaping in addition of some soft tissue feminization. It is done in stages. It can cost up to 50 thousand dollars

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Facial Feminizaion Surgery

There are several differences in facial features between the genders. Going from above downward, there is the anterior hairline, the contour of the forehead, the height & shape of the eyebrows, the amount of upper eyelid skin available for applying makeup, the size & shape of the nose, the prominence of the cheeks, the fullness and shape of the lips, the shape and prominence of the chin & jawline and, finally, the size of the Adam's apple. Depending on which of these features are out of sync with the desired end goal, determines which of several procedures we employ first. The cost of each procedure varies. The smaller procedures involving the lips, eyes, cheeks, chin, or Adam's apple generally run from $5K to $10K. The more involved procedures such as nose re-shaping or forehead re-contouring could run from $10K to $20K.

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