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Facial Chemical Peeling: Should I Worry About Bumps?

I just did a facial peel. It's been about 24 hours and my skin has definitely gotten red. After showering, I noticed a couple red bumps that were weeping but they have stopped. However, the bumps are still present as shown in the first and second pictures. I was wondering if this is normal? Also, I have areas around me eyes and neck that no longer get tan. Can applying chemical peeling gel to these areas correct this problem? Thank you

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Bumps after peeling

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Chemical peeling is a serious procedure that should be done in a dermatologists office. Your bumps may be an infection of the hairs in your face, a folliculitis.

It seems that you have depigmentation around your eyes which can be a sign of vitiligo. Peelings will not correct this. I strongly advise that you see a dermatologist.


Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

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