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Facelift Using Stem Cells?

How does the longevity of results for a facelift using stem cells compared to traditional procedures? Which method requires less surgical procedures overall to preserve the results of a facelift indefinitely?

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Face Lift


There is no procedure that actually uses stem cells, adding fat we know has stem cells but we have no idea what they are doing

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Facelift with Stem Cells


   Fat harvested from the abdomen and elsewhere contains stem cells, which can be transferred during facial fat grafting procedures.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Face lift with stem cells from fat


No one really knows the answer but we do know that face lifts done with fat injections (presumably rich with stem cells) such as in the link bellow, do produce superior and longer -lasting results

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Stem Cells and Facelifts


The first thing to understand is that there is no such entity as a "stem cell facelift."  The proper term should be Stem Cell Augmented Facelift as stem cells do not lift anything but they do provide, when added to fat for transfer, a demonstrable improvement in the take of the grafted fat and when the fat- stem cell combination is injected adjacent to the dermis of the skin, the skin responds to the stem cell release of a myriad of well known growth factors by becoming more youthful in appearance.  The fat cells provide volume which causes a further youthfulness in facial appearance. The length of time that these effects last is the only unknown at this time. Given what we know about the aging process, the effects of fat and stem cells should last for years.

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Facelift - Facelift Using Stem Cells?


Good question, and one that many people are looking to have answered.

Despite all the hype and exposure, there is a relative lack of agreement on exactly what a Stem Cell Facelift is.  Is it a surgical facelift with the addition of stem cells (ie, separately prepared and concentrated cells that have been identified as such), or fat injections, or something else?  Even knowing the answer to that question, there is a lack of strong scientific evidence supporting a rational decision. 

The Stem Cell Facelift may ultimately the standard by which other procedures are measured.  But I do not believe that that is yet the case.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Facelift and stem cells


Facelift with stem cells really means fat injection. The fat injection can be permanent but I do warn patients that they may need further fat grafting to supplement what they already have.

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Stem Cells and Face Lifts


There is no evidence that a "Stem Cell Face Lift" has any increased longevity over traditional face lift procedures.  There is also no evidence that the use of stem cells is any different than simple fat grafting.  The claims that the use of stem cells will result in restoring the plumpness, smoothness, and tightening of the skin seen in the youthful face are simply unproven.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released a joint position paper recommending that any aesthetic or reconstructive procedures using stem cells should be performed in clinical trials that are monitored by an Institutional Review Board.

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Stem Cells


This is a very interesting topic. First, let me bring some clarity. When discussing "stem cell facelift," I'm assuming you mean using fat injections to bring fullness to areas of the face that have lost volume. Fat contains stem cells and so by definition, by injecting fat, you are also injecting stem cells (which incidentally are not pleuripotent-in other words, the best kind). This topic was discussed 50 years ago. Sending your cells to a factory to remove the pure form of the cells is probably a scam and a way of stealing your money. For some people, the combination of fat injections to improve volume deficiency and a facelift will give an overall better appearance.

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Stem Cell Facelifts vs. Traditional Facelifts


As you can see by the large number of responses, this is a hot topic among plastic surgeons.  That's because there are so many claims being made of the benefits for using stem cells in cosmetic medicine and very little evidence to support those claims.  Do your research and avoid procedures that claim superiority based on unfounded data.  

I leave with these words of wisdom:

   -"There is a sucker born every minute."-P.T. Barnum

   -"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."-Mom

   _"Remember the marketing director never sleeps."-Lund

As others have stated; please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and also look at the information on the websites of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Hope this helps.


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Facelift Using Stem Cells?


  Please, the stem cell facelift is a marketing hype that can't possibly live up to the claims.  I have performed FaceLifts for over 20 years, including the newest minimally invasive versions and all Face Lifts must have the following characteristics to be effective IMO...none of which the Stem cell facelift does.  The Stem cell face lift is nothing more than a renamed fat transfer procedure.  All face Lifts must:

  1. Have an incision around the ear to allow skin removal.
  2. Dissect the SMAS layer not suture or fold it upon itself.
  3. Remove excess fat and shape the cheeks.


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