Eyelid Surgery?

Why is it all you surgeons have a lot of reason why someone should have bleph surgery and tell of its benefits and low risk factor, but after when people are having problems with the surgery and their eyes, you have "NO" answers or the answer is "give it more time" I had this done, and it has been two months and I am still miserable. My eyes are still quite red , itch a lot, have dry eye bad, and it feels like something is always in my eye.

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Dry Eyes after Eyelid Surgery


   Did you have upper and lower eyelid surgery?  Just upper? Just lower?  If you provide pictures, I may be able to offer insight as to why you may be having problems.   Sometimes, there may be an anatomic factor that can be remedied.  Massage for the lower eyelid, nightime taping, and artificial tears may all help, depending upon the particular problem. 

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