Can my Eyelids Be Made the Same After Double Eyelid Surgery?

hello, my name is Mina. I had double eyelid surgery done in Korea (Partial incision method) and about 6 months after the surgery my left eyelid has changed. there seems to be a triple eyelid. Before the surgery my left eye would sometime have a double eyelid and sometime not, this always bothered me. I thought having this surgery would fix this. Can anything be done to make them look the same? Thankyou for your help Mina

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Asian eye lid


Very poor results. You need to find a good PLASTIC SURGEON and need a complete redo of the surgery. This time open technique

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Pre existing eye lid fold


It is possible. The eye lid skin needs to be completely released and a new crease  to be formed by readjusting the supra tarsal fixation. It appears that the incision was not made on the preexisting fold .Please consult an experienced surgeon.

Zain Kadri, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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