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I had laser blepharoplasty 8 weeks ago. One eye looks fine but the other is still swollen. After the op I had bumps remaining, which my surgeon said was from the heat of the laser and gave me some cream -Biafine. I have been using it since then, the bumps have gone but there is still a pocket of what looks like swelling under the eye. Do I still use the cream or should I take some time off? My surgeon has been taken ill and I cannot contact him, I am in the UK and he is in the US.

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Swelling 8 weeks after laser lower eyelid surgery


It's possible that the heat, of the Laser caused some residual swelling but thi should mostly be gone at 8 weeks and is the reason that I do not use lasers for eyelid surgery.  The larger bumps may be residual fat pockets that were not completely removed during the lower eyelid surgery.

Web reference: http://www.drfpalmer.com

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