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Eyelid Droop - I Have Had Botox Above my Eyebrows for About 6 Years, and the Results Have Been Great? (photo)

The last injection was done a week ago, eyelid droop starting at day 3/4, and this is me at day 7. My doc said there is nothing that can be done outside of eye drops and it should resolve in 2 weeks. Two questions - when this result occurs, is it customary for the doctor to refund my fee (in this case $450), and is 2 weeks reasonable or with this level of significant droop will it take longer to resolve? The doctors office essentially blew me off - this is a dermatology practice.

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Eyelid Droop - I Have Had Botox Above my Eyebrows for About 6 Years, and the Results Have Been Great?


 This seems a very unusual occurrence.  One that I have not seen using Botox for over 25 years.  Was the Botox injected below the eyebrow on that side in an attempt to raise the brow?  This can also result in Botox weakening the upper eyelid elevators and ptosis.  Two weeks is too soon as Botox results last about 3 months with some return of muscle function beginning at 1 month.  I feel that forced muscle exercise, in this case attempted brow raising and closing the eyelids could decrease the waiting time by creating new neuromuscular junction formations.  Whether or not a refund, is forthcoming, the office should make you feel appreciated and be helpful during this ordeal.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Droopy Eyelid After Botox


Hi Stacy.  Sorry to hear about the droopy eyelid.  That's a very frustrating one.  Although it is rare for good injectors, it does happen.  It's happened several times in the past 10 years at our practice and usually with new patients.  

Patience is the key to resolving the issue as it has to wear off partially for the eye to return to normal.  2 weeks seems a bit aggressive to us in terms of how long it takes.  Our suggestions would be more like 4-6 weeks before returning to normal.

As for the refund, while we may not refund the visit, we would do something financially to help make up for the issue.  It might be a discounted visit the next time or another complementary product or service to help the patient feel valued.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid Ptosis After Botox Injections


Hi Stacey,

Sorry to see that you have ptosis of your left upper eyelid after your most recent Botox injections.  Iopidine eye drops are sometimes used to give a little temporary lift to the affected eyelid.  The ptosis will continue until the Botox wears off.  It is very difficult to predict when the eyelid will return to normal.  Hopefully it resolves within two weeks, but it may last longer.  It is not customary for refund of the fee as this is a known adverse effect from Botox injections and is included in the informed consent that you have signed prior to treatment.  

If this ever occurred in our practice, I would most likely give my patient future injections at "cost of the product" until we made up the money that they paid at the treatment that resulted in the ptosis.  We certainly don't ever want our patients to feel that they have been "blown off".  Good luck and be well.

Michael Persky, MD   Encino, CA

Michael A. Persky, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid droop


Some of the botox may have traveled to your levator palpebrae superioris muscle. This usually improves within a few weeks. You can ask for an iopidine prescription in the mean time to help. The drops have to be used multiple times throughout the day, but it should lift your eyelid almost instantly.

Ramona Behshad, MD
Chesterfield Dermatologic Surgeon
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Eyelid droop


I think that using the eye drops (iopidine) will help alleviate your symptoms while you are waiting for the effects to wear off.  Although this side effect is rare, fortunately the iopidine will enable you to raise the lids more effectively.

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon
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Eyelid Droop after Botox...Why? and What to Do? Ask Dr Ellen


Hello Stacyjackson,

Thank you so much for your question.  Here is some information for you:

Expect to see the maximum effect of the Botox at 10-14 days.  So, the droop may be a ilttle bit more noticable at that point in time.  Beyond 2 weeks, it should start to improve and probably be back to your preinjection status at 2-8 week- wide range, I know, but everyone metabolizes Botox at a different rate.

As to when it will be "not noticeable;"  that varies from person to person.  It will always look the worst to you, but other people will unlikely notice it that much.  As our own worst critics, we will notice the change of a millimeter or less in our own face.  We are less apt to notice that in someone else.  So, don't feel so self conscious.

The next time you choose to do Botox, remember to mention that you had this experience- it may change the postion of the injections and encourage your doctor to position them a little higher up.

As to refunds, that policy is unique to each provider.  This is where the old adage:  Buyer Beware comes into play.  My suggestion is to go to a reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, sign a consent form which describes this problem as a potential risk and ask in advance for his/her policy on refunds.

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen


Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Westport Plastic Surgeon
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