Eyebrows transplant, how long until I can get revision?

Hi doc, I had a week ago eyebrow transplant. About 200 follicles were transplanted, but the eyebrows do not look equal and some from territories dates implanted follicles. When can I get the transplant repeated? (at least only in areas that the Doctor missed) Is it possible to transplant follicles in areas that have fine hair barely visible? Is it possible to transplant follicles on scar length of 3 inches is quite flat 4 month old, treated silicone gel? It is important to me, many thanks.

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Eyebrow transplant

You should wait at least one year before having any touch up or revision done to the area you had the grafts placed even if you feel the areas of concern were missed or overlooked.  Follicles can be placed in areas where there is existing fine hair.  Your scar would need to be evaluated to determine if it is suitable for follicles to be implanted (good blood supply, etc.)  

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